Sweet Treats!

There is no denying that the blabla gang has a sweet tooth. From bars of dark chocolate to piles of donuts from Sublime (in Atlanta) or Ike and Jane (in Athens), we like a little treat. It was no surprise when the beautiful box of perfectly homemade cookies from our friend Sarah (all the way from Minnesota ) disappeared in a few short moments.

Thanks again Sarah for the Valentine Treat!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Treats!

  1. Sarah

    We love you guys! I am glad you liked them!

    I am upset they didn’t make it as well as I had hoped. The icing was set awhile before I packaged them but I am not sure if they got packed too tight or what happened. I didn’t want them shifting and breaking so I had packed them tight. Next time I will have to make sure I let them set longer, with shipping time I wanted to make sure they made it fresh. Lessons learned from my first attempt at shipping cookies. Next time I will have to deliver some sweets in person! šŸ˜‰
    P.S. Mmmm Sublime!


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