Leçon d ‘Observation….

A few days ago, I met Tina Robinson, she is a researcher in Neurology at nearby Emory University, she loves to knit and often comes by the store.
She had spoken to Susan about her projects and asked if we’d like to see them…so when she came with …4 huge boxes full of adorable little sweaters,
our eyes opened wide…
There were at least a hundred…a hundred cardigans which seemed perfectly identical, from the same pattern and mostly pale pink.
That’s what I saw
but then Tina started to talk about each one, like one would talk about a friend or a relative, about the character of the thread,
the moods of the pinks and…the buttons,…each one came from a special place, had a story and a reason to be.
I was now looking at them…
one by one…
like paintings in a gallery,
or the pages of a book…
in awe at her perception of the world, and thanking her for the precious moment.

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