Get One Give One Giveaway!

 Enter to win one cloth Suzette doll and one cloth Socks doll!  One doll is for you to keep, and the other   one is for you to giveaway to someone special!  The contest will be open now through Saturday at midnight, and a winner will be chosen Monday morning!  Good luck!

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68 thoughts on “Get One Give One Giveaway!

  1. Anonymous

    thanks so much for offering this giveaway! we’d love a “socks” for our little guy and would adore sending sweet Suzette to Seattle for his cousin who is currently living far from home. What an adorable giveaway!~
    ~ stacey & lincoln russell

  2. Alison

    Blabla dolls are the best!! My 7-month old son has Hercules and would LOVE to add Beauregard the Wolf to his collection 🙂 Suzette would go to his 3-month old girlfriend 🙂

  3. Beatrice Camino Hopp

    We love blabla dolls! My daughter would get Suzette and we might save socks for a future little brother, or maybe give him to our nephew. Not sure yet 🙂 Either way, the dolls will be loved in our household!

  4. Nicole Rimmer

    I would love to win this giveaway!! My friend of 14 years and I are both pregnant and due 8 days apart! I’m expecting a girl on 4/10 and she’s expecting a boy on 4/18! We just had a mommymoon together and she pointed out that your Socks doll was her favorite! This would be soooooo perfect! I would keep Suzette for my baby girl and give her Socks for her baby boy!

  5. Cecilia M

    I would give one to my 4 year old and one to my 10 month old…Suzette and Socks would be together forever! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I would give Suzette to a friend’s long-awaited baby girl who just arrived…and give Socks to a recently adopted two-year-old boy I know…..why? because EVERY BABY should have a Bla-bla doll!!!!! My kiddos each have two and so do their five cousins!

  7. Anna

    I would keep Socks, because I LOVE his little Satchel! I have a little girl, but she could use a boy doll – she has a couple of girls and a non-specific bear! 🙂

  8. Sarah

    I wouldn’t keep either. I would give one to each my my daughters to decide to keep or give. If they wanted to share the love I know S would give her to her godmother’s new baby and A would probably give hers to her bff for her birthday! We all love spreading the Blabla love!

  9. Anonymous

    I would keep Suzette for my new baby girl and give Socks to my nephew (or keep him for my son, who loves all of his BlaBlas). Carrie H.

  10. Anonymous

    My daughter, Betsey would give Socks to her baby Valentine, Locke. She’d be tickled pink to have Suzette as a roommate and friend! Markey Hutchinson

  11. Kimberly Wrenn

    I would keep Socks for my boys and give Suzette to my four year old son’s girlfriend…well, his favorite girlfriend. He has three!

  12. Jolien

    ♥ ♥ Lovely!! I would keep Suzette for my daughter Olivia (2) and give away Sock for here nephew Gijs (almost 2!). They are crazy about each other and call themselves ‘Jaja’ and ‘Sijsje’ ♥ ♥

  13. HollyNeufeld

    I would give them both to new babies!! My niece Adria would get Suzette, and my pal’s new baby boy Fenwick would get Socks. All three of my kids have your knit dolls, and they are so special to each of them. Blabla is one of my favorite gifts to give!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Debrah D

    I would give a Andiamo the Dog to my daughter Evelyn and a Andiamo the Dog to her best friend Levi. They both love dogs. They live four hours away from each other and talk about each other all the time.

  15. Daniel & Sarah

    i would keep one for my little boy for his first birthday! and then give the other to my sister in law who is pregnant with her firist after 3 years of trying, we find out what she is having tomorrow

  16. Amanda K

    Socks would be for our son, who really loves foxes right now, and Suzette would go to a friend’s daughter who just became a big sister. It’s always nice to bring a special present for the older sibling when a baby comes along, plus she really loves playing with the Blablas at our house!

  17. Nani Iiams

    Definitely would keep socks, he’s adorable the the first thing my mini aid was ‘THAT ONE MOMMY” haha As for Suzette she would be perfect for a friend of mine or my niece.

  18. Jena

    I would let my daughter Charlie decide which doll she would want to keep and give. She is pretty good at sharing and giving gifts when she is involved in the process from the beginning; which is pretty good for a two year old. We also try not to typecast her, meaning my husband and I let Charlie choose between boy/girl items so that she knows she can have either one regardless of the gender of the item or the color.

  19. katie

    My two little boys would just go crazy for Socks, so he would live with us. Suzette would fly to my nieces house for her birthday later this month. She is obsessed with cats, so she would definitely be very loved!


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