Count down to Turkey day

a graduate of SCAD in Atlanta, has been working at Blabla a little over a year
now. He is a jack-of-all-trades, and has been a major part of getting the new website up and running!  Jess says that one of his favorite things about working at Blabla is the
plethora of snacks we always have around the office. So naturally we wanted to
ask him what side dish he looks forward to on Thanksgiving Day. 
He went with a classic side, sweet potato casserole.
There are several varieties of toppings for the dish, the
most common being marshmallow and pecans. 
Though we found some other interesting ideas like blue cheese and pecan,
Coconut Streusel, and pecans with carrots
Since we’re on the topic of Sweet Poatatoes, did you know
that a yam is not a sweet potato?  Yams
are actually white on the inside, unlike the orange color of a sweet potato.
has a great article on their website about the difference between
the two.

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