A Fun Summer Giveaway!

This month we are celebrating all things Farm and wanted to feature author and blogger, Jessie Knadler. Jessie went from living life in Manhattan and working as an editor for several glossy mags to settling down in rural Virginia with her soldier husband and two year old daughter June. From building fences to brewing beer she has made her new environment home. Jessie shares bits and pieces of her life on her blog, Rurally Screwed and is now writing for Babble in her new column, Heartlandia.

We’ve teamed up with Jessie to offer  her latest book, 
Rurally Screwed; My life off the grid with the cowboy I love,
along with a Farm Doll of your choice as a giveaway to a lucky blabla fan! 
To enter visit Jessie’s Blog and leave a comment below telling us 
something that you’ve done in your life that you never thought you’d do.

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Our winner is #42 Rosie Smith
Entries must be posted by Thursday, June 21st at 8am EST.
One winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday on the blog! 
*Limited to US residents only

66 thoughts on “A Fun Summer Giveaway!

  1. Anonymous

    Elope after knowing a man for less than 5 months and living a thousand miles apart! Aly F

  2. Sarah

    I never thought I would be a stay at home mom again. I tried to stay home with my first child and it wasn’t for me. After trying for years we were finally blessed 5 years later with our 2nd child and after going back to work I decided I needed to be at home and left a job I loved and it was the best thing I ever did.

  3. Anonymous

    Got married and had a baby! πŸ™‚ Sounds so simple and so many people do it, but I never thought I would do it! πŸ™‚ Plus I’ve done many adventurous things before, travelled the world, living in another country, but getting married and have a baby….that’s BIG, for me anyway πŸ™‚

  4. eastcoastbird

    Finally laid down roots here in Atlanta with my British husband, sweet grey cat and brand new baby boy. After living in the Outer Banks, NC, Washington, DC, Charleston, SC and Boulder, CO I yearned to make my ‘nest’ and start a family- after years of adventures I am happy to say we are ‘home’.

  5. gastonfamilyart

    Something that I’ve done that I never thought I’d do- I surprised my husband for his birthday with a rock climbing trip in New Hampshire, and when we were more than half way up a cliff I had an unexpected panic attack of some sort, started crying, and we all had to repel down (which my husband later told me he thought was scarier than finishing the climb). I love do adventurous things in the outdoors, but my reaction in that situation surprised even me.
    My daughters love their blabla dolls!

  6. Tammar

    Honestly I never thought I’d have a child. I’m 2 and a half years in and am delighted daily with my little pixies funny ways and loving heart. I’m proud to be called mama.

  7. felicia

    Never thought I’d be dating a guy 8 years younger than me and talking about marriage again! But when it’s right, it’s right! Just need him to come home now from a year deployment. My 2 kids are crazy for their blablas. My 9 year old son has Mike the monkey (aka Mozart) and my 3 year old has Tiger Lily. They have traveled all over the country with us.

  8. susan

    moved from boston to arizona with my (now husband) boyfriend without jobs or a place to live. still can’t believe we did that

  9. Autumn Bradshaw

    I had a baby! I was not planning on becoming a parent, but I did not take the necessary care with my husband to prevent a pregnancy, either. Now I could not imagine my life without my sweet sweet girl.

  10. Amber

    I never thought that I would meet my husband while living in Japan! 9 years later and we now have a two-year-old daughter πŸ™‚

  11. Buckley

    Give birth naturally. I am the biggest wimp ever, like pass out when someone else gets a shot scared:) However last year I decided the best way to conquer this fear was to just jump right in. After giving birth with no drugs, nothing else seems quite as scary!!…or amazing:)

  12. Anonymous

    My granddaughte loves her Blabla’s! I don’t even know how many she now has! Our daughter’s job brought her to Southern Virginia, she met her prince got married and we later had a grandson. We lived 5 hours away and wanted to be closer, my husband retired, I quit a job I loved and we moved 4 minutes from her. Since we have gained a granddaughter! These little ones are my whole world and I could not imagine not seeing them everyday!!! What we do for our children but even more what we do for grandchildren!! Would love this book for them!!

  13. Anonymous

    I follow BlaBla on facebook (and thanks for the link to the great private sale site for the BlaBla sale!).

    Carrie Hanger

  14. The Olsen's

    There’s a pace you find in a busy city that I absolutely adore, the fact that all your senses are so intensely utilized on a daily basis is, to me, a rich life. Simply put, I feel more at home in the city of Seattle than anywhere else.
    However, despite my devout love of my favorite city, I parted ways to start a new love, with my husband who lived in the country. It was (and at times, continues to be) a difficult and painful transition because as much as I love my husband, there is no replacement for the void of delicious french macarons, in my heart, that may be filled with anything else. Slowly, though, I feel myself slipping into a country mentatlity. Our two year old daughter will play in grass instead of on concrete, she will feed our neighbors horses, cows and even a buffalo, instead of pigeons. This is not better per se, but different. And we will still make our pilgrimage to the emerald city to source out those delicious baked goods.

    I never thought I would/could/should depart my favorite place, my city. I thought I would surely lose an integral part of myself and happiness. As it turns out, I have simply unearthed a new, more appreciative side and that is very satisfying.

  15. caednkat

    Something I thought I would never do- up and move to a state with my husband and then two kids, where we knew absolutly no one. 12 hours away from our “home” and all of our family. 9 years later it was really a great decision for us.


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