Peru and Back

Here at Blabla when we travel for work we try and make the most of it by squeezing in a little adventure and site seeing. If you follow our designer Florence on instagram you know that she recently made her biannual trip to Peru to finalize prototypes of our next collection with our knitters. While most of her trip is spent going from artisan to artisan and tweaking the process, there is always time to venture out to the streets and explore colorful Peru.

Although Lima, Peru is close to the water, it has a grey desert-like landscape; and in contrast, the markets, city walls, and homes are very bright and colorful. One can find graffitied walls, lots of produce stands, and patterns beneath the feet.

The food scene in Peru has changed a lot over the last 10 years. There are many dishes with tropical ingredients that aren’t found anywhere else  in the world, making them inimitadeable. Coffee shops and organic grocery stores are also popping up in the neighborhoods.

Sometimes the new guys come along to do a little sight-seeing too…

There is an artisanal and handmade culture in Peru, creating handmade baskets, paintings, or knitting. Plenty of straw is found near the water and is used in creating beautiful baskets.

Stay tuned for more posts from Peru! We will share some behind the scenes photos from the production of our Fall 2015 line with our knits, screen printed patterns, and… the new finger puppets!

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