Peru and Back: Backstage

Today we are sharing some of the faces in Peru that make up our our amazing team! These people are istrumental in bringing our designer Flo’s creations to life! Ricardo on the right (in blue) is owner of the factory.

This is Elizabeth, a knitting engineer who specilazes in sweaters, but  is bringing her smarts and enthusiasm to our dolls!  We couldn’t do any of this without her and our talented knitters in Peru!

Above, Elizabeth is looking through the many charts we have for the different thread color used for all the small embroidery details (think noses, mouths, and whiskers) of each doll.

 Creating fabric for the cotton crib sheets and  playpads…

Carmelita, above, and Polo, below, are putting the finishing embroidery touches on our Hercule Dolls.

Emilia does all of our rattles, mobiles, and finger puppets. We’ve been keeping her very busy, and working together closely for for almost 10 years! Emilia is SO talented and always has a creative solution.

Maria, on the left, is the production cordinator, and has been with us from the begining. Also shown here is Edith who is in charge of quality control.

Antonieta, shown on the left with Elizabeth and Edith, works closely with Flo’s mom, Maité making sure everything is running smoothly.  They are shown here with our new dog dolls!

Flo and her Mom!

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