Back from New York!

We have wrapped up our Winter 2017 shows and finally returned from snowy New York.  Here is a little behind the scenes on what goes into the show, and most importantly, where we like to eat when the work day is done!Photo Feb 07, 10 20 03 AM

At NYNow our space can change a bit each time, and we are never 100% sure how things will turn out. At this show, we had some extra wiggle room and this perfectly sized table from Ikea made a big difference. The legs on the table fold in, so it’s flat and has zero assembly.

Photo Feb 05, 11 50 00 AM

The dolls are hung up on the wall using zip ties and Courtney, our wholesale account manager, has really perfected getting them all straight! People seem to love seeing them all together like this. It makes them feel like a kid again or wish their teens were still babies.

Photo Feb 05, 10 39 20 AM

On our other wall, we display mobiles, blankets, play pads, and our new baby board books. The mobiles are unique and eye-catching, so they draw people over to our space.

Now for some of our favorite places to grab dinner after a long day at the Javits!

Photo Feb 03, 9 02 13 PM

A visit to Prune is always a must for our team. We’ll be day dreaming about this meal for months. Toast with blue cheese, shaved celery, and olive oil was one of our favorites.

Photo Feb 03, 11 35 45 AM

A solid breakfast or a tasty lunch is hard to come by because we are working 9 to 10 hour days. This trip we finished set up a bit early, and could finally check out Egg Shop in Nolita. It did not disappoint and it’s right near several other cute spots like Pietro Nolita. Pietro Nolita is pink from head to toe and we grabbed a drink and a snack at the bar before dinner.Pietro-2

Hmm… a lot of pinks at restaurants this trip! We planned our dinner at Dimes for a Monday night (5 nights into the trip) thinking we would be ready for some veggies and lighter fare. It did not disappoint. A big salad and delicate fish dish were just what we needed.

Photo Feb 06, 7 24 20 PM

Photo Feb 07, 7 54 40 PM

ABC Carpet and Home is another favorite stop while in NYC. They carry Blabla, and it’s fun to take a peek at their beautiful displays. This trip we managed to grab dinner at their restaurant, ABC Kitchen. Amazing attention to detail, great food and service. We definitely hope to return!


The last day of the show is when we break it all down, things get chaotic, and all the beautiful displays look like this. It’s also the part of the trip when we do our happy dance because the Blabla booth is all packed up, and we are off to our last dinner before heading back home.

Photo Feb 08, 8 53 03 PM

Pasquale Jones is a small wood fired restaurant from the team behind Charley Bird (a fave)  so we really wanted to check it out. We landed a 9:15 reservation which is late, but a good time after break down. We had a great bottle of wine, some scallops, and the clam pizza that we were told was a must… and it was.

Photo Feb 09, 11 53 06 AM

Things were going SO well… Then THIS happened. A nasty snowstorm that resulted in wet feet and canceled flights! Our flight was scheduled to leave on time the night before and all morning. We were skeptical since most other flights had been canceled, but we packed it all up and went to the airport anyway. Not before grabbing a crepe from Eataly though…

Photo Feb 09, 12 16 34 PMWe got to our gate, and everyone was hopeful. Then came the delayed pop-up on everyone’s phone, then the canceled pop-up notification…. whoomp whoomp.

We were lucky enough to retrieve our luggage from the baggage claim area and, since we acted quickly, we booked a flight the next afternoon. The flight had a 2hr layover in Richmond, but we had a flight!  Back to the hotel, we went…

A little bummed and more than ready to get home; but all in all, it wasn’t so bad and lessons were learned along the way.

  1. pack a toothbrush, contact lens or other necessities in your carry on.
  2. wear comfy clothes to the airport.. you may have to sleep in them
  3. pack a rain boot or some sort of snow boot just in case.
  4. track your luggage, and you can possibly retrieve it if it’s not on the plane!
  5. keep your bag tag if your flight gets canceled. Useful when rechecking your luggage
  6. use your app to quickly rebook your next flight ( we were on delta )

Until Next Time!

Photo Feb 07, 10 19 52 AM

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