4 thoughts on “Suzette Missing in Firenze…

  1. patricia

    oh, i will keep my eye out here in Florence….i’m sure she is just strolling through the boboli gardens and enjoying a little gelato. ciao!

  2. Sarah

    I hope she is found soon! We have only lost a couple of rattles which were able to be replaced. If we lost dear Tiger Lily the back-up wouldn’t do and this mama would have to call out the search parties.

  3. Autumn

    Oh! I do hope that Suzette is found! It was very traumatic when my daughter lost her Aqua Lee doll. We ended up having to buy her two blablas in her place. Suzette was one of the replacements.
    (That little girl in the picture is SOOO cute, btw!)
    Big hugs to you, kiddo!

  4. Jennifer

    Kitty has come home!!! She was found snug as a bug folded up in a “coperta” in the armoire. After a month of looking everywhere – she must have been having some adventure! 🙂
    In our house here in Florence it seems things have minds of their own. My daughters other lovey, Wu, was on the bed when we left for the weekend, when we came home he was hiding under the bed. hmm
    Thanks for your concern!


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