Happy April Fools Day! Bon Poisson D’Avril!

Florence introduced us to a French April Fool’s Day tradition called Poissin D’Avril (April Fish). The trick-of-the-day is to make paper cut-outs of fish and try to attach them to people’s back’s without their noticing 🙂  We wanted to share the fun with you!

Simply print out this page, cut out your little fishes, decorate, and get sneaky! 

To tape your fish, here are a few tricks:

– “Good Job!”
– “Well done!”
– “Oh, you have a bug on your back
– “I love you” 
– “You are hungry? Poor….”
– “Nice color shirt!”

4 thoughts on “Happy April Fools Day! Bon Poisson D’Avril!

  1. Sarah

    I SEE that giant FLEUR!!! Wish I would have known you had her I would have had to purchase her for ME!! I host an Easter Egg Hunt party every year and she would have been so cute to greet the kids! Maybe next year! Will she be on the website soon, or would I have to contact the store? Or make another trip there, which I am trying to talk hubby into! 😉


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