winter collection sneak peek.

Sarah,  Joann’s good friend, takes care of angels in the summer, she let us come in for the afternoon, and between 2 clouds, I took pictures of them.

A rug, a canvas, a few little flowers found in the yard et voila! …aren’t they adorable? they were so excited and happy and sweet…
Happiness really fits in the palm of the hand…especially Sarah’s!
Thanks a bunch to Patrick, Lily, Anna, Nathaniel, June, Margot, Lisa, Addison, Molly, Fiona, Joann, Erika and Sarah…*flo

3 thoughts on “winter collection sneak peek.

  1. Jessica

    Ugh !! I can’t help it !! I need ( with a passion) to buy these for my future babies !! I love the softness of the blabla t-shirts. Thanks for being so creative and for making something I know my children will love.



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