Meet the Locals: Gunner and Lux Giveaway

We’re proud to be based out of Altanta, GA, and we are excited to be involved in a great giveaway with local jewelry designers John Peterson and his daughter Riley Peterson of Gunner and Lux + Little Lux!

John began collecting vintage jewelry when he and his partner William had their daughter Riley. Since they had no jewelry of their own, they wanted to make sure Riley had plenty of options for playing “dress up”. They visited thrift stores, antique shops, and approached family and friends.

Once Riley got a little older and began choosing pieces to keep for herself, John decided to repurpose the remaining jewelry, reworking them into original designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. John’s first necklace was a huge success, and he decided to start his own jewelry line, Gunner and Lux. Riley watched her dad create, and soon showed a knack for making jewelry.  After dinnertime, she and her dad worked on the necklaces together.

Riley, now 5, is creating a line of necklaces all her own for youngsters called Little Lux. We now see LIttle Lux all over the country, and right here in GA at Seed Factory and Treehouse Kid and Craft! From their instagram feed , it’s clear that Riley’s got some style!

You can now enter for the chance to win a $30 Blabla Shop credit, and your own Little Lux necklace! Not to mention goodies from the 28 other local Atlanta favorites! Head over to Instagram for the official rules and details. We love our neighbors, and we know you will too!

Read Riley’s Interview on Love & Pieces and her Dad John’s interview on A Little Blueberry + Sweet Peach Blog for more about Gunner and Lux! Photos above are from these sources!



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