63 thoughts on “Parker.

  1. Megan

    Awww…so adorable! We know Parker because my daughter goes to her school! We LOVE anything blabla and I can’t wait to get some new goodies for our twins on the way!!!!

  2. Kendra

    Your toys are so adorable, my 15 month old has one of the small dogs, would love to get him the large black one for Christmas. Also love the little pants and bloomers you have!!!

  3. Pamela Sparkman

    love the backpack! My daughter is about to start nursery school and this looks adorable and seems a perfect size for a 2.5yo!!! Brilliant work blabla team!

  4. adventures in wonderland

    adorable! We love your toys… my daughter received bubbles for Christmas two years ago. Last Christmas, she was asking for a friend for Bubbles. And when I saw trixie, I knew that she was absolutely perfect. It has become a tradition… which one will we get this year?

  5. Jennifer Sullivan-Saarela

    Ribbett! I just got a mini version for my friends new baby girl. I am the “blabla” lady when it comes to presents for babies. My girlie has Mozart, Lulu and the new little girl Monkey rattle. We’re getting her a giant when she turns 3!

  6. Caroline G.

    I love those backpacks! My little one is a little too small for one right now (but loving her little pumpkin) but I cant wait to get one for her!

  7. Anonymous

    LOVE these canvas backpacks! I’m actually looking for a dance back for my 3YO, and the Josephine looks perfect! We adore Blablas!!!!

    Crystal (Sorry about the anon… I don’t have an id!)

  8. Michelle Barnes

    I happened to discover BlaBla when my then 5.5 month old daughter grabbed one off of a shelf while doing some shopping. Not letting go of it, I realized that the kid knows a good things. Since then I have bought, collected, and gifted many a BlaBla. We have dolls, Backpacks, finger puppets, T Shirts and more. Love Ribbet! And of course any child with a BlaBla in hand is beyond super cute! Keep up the creativity and we’ll keep loving!

  9. blabla kids

    Hi Guys!
    If you commented please send an email to info@blablakids.com with your address and include your name that is displayed here with your blog comment. Thanks so much for your feedback!
    We will be sending you a little something from the new paper goods collection launching VERY soon!


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