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  1. LindaGJ

    Hi! I was lured over here from Life with 5 Monkeys! I love your critter creations so…very much, I wanted to enter your contest!
    I’ve twittered about yall, voted for your blog or site, added yall as a favorite, and have picked out my favorite piece, and of course it’s one of the most expensive ones! LOL! But it’s so…very cute! I have to go back and find it, but it’s the big blue cat. But what a difficult choice because I’m in love with all of them! As well as the smaller ones. All of them, but since I really love cats, that’s why I chose the kitty. I’d be happy to have any of your darling pieces though. I can’t figure out how to follow your blog though. I will though share this contest on my blog for all to see. I feel a bit selfish because that would mean less chance of me winning. But I do love to share all the new special artisans on my blog!


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